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We know you have a lot of choices when choosing the best San Antonio, FL veterinary hospital, and we’re happy that you’ve decided to join the San Antonio Animal Hospital family. Your kind words and feedback help us continue to provide over-the-top service to you and your pet. If you enjoyed your visit, please use the buttons below to leave us a five-star review on Google or Facebook.

“Amazing friendly and professional staff! It is clear they are dedicated to excellent and expedient care of their customers, and really care about the patients! I called just hours before they closed for the thanksgiving holiday, as my pup had a sudden eye infection and flare up out of nowhere. They were able to fit me in, care for my pup quickly with kiddos in tow, and I was able to go home with the meds needed to clear the infection. Made my holiday weekend! Care has been excellent every time I’ve gone there, this experience was just so wonderful I felt I had to write a review.”

Jessica Santarelli

“The staff is incredibly friendly (including to us humans). They also went above and beyond in helping me administer medication to my dog.”

Brett Osborne

“There is not enough sweet words to describe everyone that works at San Ann. I feel blessed to have found them. The compassion they have will leave you breathless. They truly care for you and your fur babies.”
Erin gerhart

“I was seeking a new veterinarian office and was recommended here by a friend. My experience was very good. The office was very professional and not as chaotic as I was used to. The veterinarian seemed knowledgeable and took the time to explain to us what was needed. The vet tech was also very knowledgeable and explained the procedures needed and the cost of everything prior to us making our decisions. I was very happy with my experience here.”
Karen Turner

“The staff at San Ann Animal Hospital are kind, caring and very patient. They are thorough in gathering information about your pet before proceeding with any exams. The hospital is meticulously clean in the waiting areas and the exam rooms and that’s something I greatly appreciate. Shout out to Abbey, Stephanie and Dr. Mattox for your continued excellent care of our family pets.”

Mary Robinson

“The team at San Antonio animal hospital exceeded our expectations and did an amazing job taking care of miss Molly.”
Ashley Barthle