Wellness Examinations

Keeping your pet healthy is important to us, and regular wellness examinations are the foundation to helping him live a longer, healthier, happier life. Wellness covers far more than vaccinations; it also includes preventive care such as heartworm and intestinal parasite testing, nose to tail exams, and comprehensive evaluations of overall health. San Antonio Animal Hospital provides high quality, compassionate veterinary care for pets and their owners living in San Antonio as well as nearby communities of Dade City, Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel and Ridge Manor

Regular wellness examinations — at least once or twice a year — are the most important preventive measure that you can provide for your pet. Vaccinations are just one component of the wellness visit. To help keep your pet in optimum health, regular wellness examinations are critical — regardless of how often vaccines are administered.

Remember, pets age at a much faster rate than humans, so a once-yearly exam is similar to a human getting a physical every 5-7 years. Plus they don’t always show signs of early disease, and they can’t easily communicate discomfort to us. During the wellness exam, our veterinarians have an opportunity to detect and prevent problems at an early stage.

One of the advantages of easy disease detection is the reduced cost of health care. It is typically more cost effective to collect baseline or yearly recommended blood tests, provide better nutrition, or provide for non-urgent care for your pet before the need becomes urgent.

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