Is Your Pet at Risk for an Iron Disorder?

Iron plays a vital role in a large number of metabolic pathways in almost every living organism, and in animals either too much or too little iron can have dire consequences.

I Can Get What From My Pet?!?

Most people know that wild animals can give rabies to people, but what they may not realize is that pets like cats, dogs and birds can pass diseases to people. That may sound scary, but prevention isn’t all that hard. Here’s what to know about keeping pets and people safe from each other.

When Your Veterinarian Refers You to a Specialist

Finding out that your pet has an illness or disease is hard. Our pets can get many of the diseases that we get. And, just like human medicine, there are veterinary specialists who have additional education and expertise in certain areas. Your veterinarian may refer you to a specialist if your pet has a specific illness or needs special tests to make a diagnosis, if they need surgery or even if they may need a behavioral consultation (see sidebar).

Helping Your Itchy Pet

Itching can make pets absolutely miserable, but it is actually a sign of an underlying problem. For example, if the pet has an allergy, exposure to the allergen causes a series of events to happen within the animal’s body.

From Abused, Abandoned Puppy to Silver Screen Star

How many times have you seen an animal in a movie or a television commercial and thought, “My dog can do that. He would be a natural in front of the camera.” What is a pipe dream for most pet owners became a reality for Janice Norden and her 9-year-old mixed-breed dog, Skeeter. The once abused and abandoned puppy is now a full-fledged celebrity, after landing a starring role in “Walk-Ins Welcome,” an independent movie recently filmed in Colorado.

Hunting, Hiking and Heartworm

Are you certain that your dog is protected from heartworm this season?

Although heartworm prevention techniques, including mosquito avoidance and drugs that kill heartworm larvae, have been recommended for years, the number of dogs diagnosed with heartworm continues to increase. One factor that contributes to the persistence of this preventable disease is “prophylactic failure,” which means that animals develop the disease even though they received a prophylactic drug to prevent heartworm for at least 1 year or season.

Canine Obesity: What You Need to Know

  • Obesity (the storage of excess fat) is usually caused by excessive food intake and insufficient exercise.
  • Estimates show that 40% to 50% of dogs are overweight and 25% of dogs are obese.
  • Dogs can develop many obesity-related health problems.
  • By examining your dog, veterinarians determine whether he or she is overweight or obese and help you create a weight-loss program.
  • The most effective weight-loss plans involve increasing activity and feeding fewer calories.

Georgia Study Looks at Causes of Death Among Dog Breeds

An extensive retrospective study by the University of Georgia analyzes causes of death for dozens of dog breeds.

The scientists looked at data from nearly 75,000 dogs whose deaths were recorded in the Veterinary Medical Database (VMDB) between 1984 and 2004. They categorized the deaths by organ system and pathophysiologic process, and hypothesized that these could be segregated by age, breed and body mass.

Pets and Medications

Pets age at a much faster rate than people. So when you think about how important it is for us to be seen regularly by a doctor, it’s even more important for our pets—especially if they are on medication. Pets age five to seven times faster than we do. This makes having your pet examined at least once a year or more frequently before having prescriptions refilled the logical and right thing to do.

No Pets Allowed: Renting with Pets

It’s the season of moving to new homes, looking for apartments and signing new leases. For people looking for a rental property that allows pets, however, the task is particularly challenging — many landlords have “no pets” policies or pet restrictions. For tips on finding a perfect home for you and your pet, read on.

Summer Safety: Dogs, Kids and Water

A favorite summer pastime for many of us is relaxing by a pool or a lake while unwinding from the day or — better yet — even spending the whole day poolside blissfully relaxed. If your dog is in tow, however, it is essential to stay alert.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

One of the best reasons to spay or neuter your pet is to avoid adding to the problem of pet overpopulation. Every day in the United States, thousands more puppies and kittens are born than are human babies. The result is that there are not enough homes for all these pets. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that between 6 and 8 million pets enter animal shelters each year. Of these pets, the HSUS believes that at least half — 3 to 4 million — are euthanized. Many of these animals are young and healthy.

What Does Patient Care Mean to You?

Patient care is the core of what veterinary practices do everyday. Meeting the needs of patients is almost as varied and diverse as the number of species in the world. The AAHA patient care standards cover everything from physical examinations and how fluids are maintained to what kind of bedding and environments patients are housed in. Patient care is the ultimate reason a practice exists and a determining factor in how clients choose a practice.

Frustrated with Fido? Victoria Stilwell Says to Stay Positive When Training Your Dog

Imagine making your living training some of the world’s most stubborn and unruly dogs. Peering over your shoulder each week are millions of viewers in 40 countries wondering if you or the misbehaving pup will win the battle of wits. Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet’s popular television series, “It’s Me or the Dog,” says the challenge isn’t as difficult as it may seem

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